Our Mission

Our Mission

We are aware of the challenges faced by Utah teachers with whom we entrust our children’s development in the most formative years, and we understand that it is only through an engaging, transformative, and inspiring educational experience that students are able to transition from young person to full-fledged, contributing member of society.

Without adequate spending on our children, they will not receive the resources they need to succeed in the classroom. Failure in the classroom will result in a future workforce that is not sufficiently prepared to take on the challenges of taxing economic times head-on. And a failed workforce is a buyer force that suffers, leaving little disposable income to put back into the system and keep Utah flourishing.

Now is the time.

We know what happens when students struggle to develop real literacy skills. We’re saddened when we see young adults who lack the direction and motivation to pursue a higher education. And we’re ready to solve a real problem and make a real difference—by engaging the community and people like you to take action on behalf of our children.

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